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SimAction’s SimSeize™ seizure simulator is a motorized actuator powerful enough to produce full body motion which replicates a real seizure. When coupled with any training manikin, it enriches the learning experience for nursing and medical students, hospital staff, firemen, schools, & churches and anyone in need of hands on seizure training by simulating a real-life emergency situation with convincing realism.


This exciting new addition to the simulation environment can be used to create a lifelike event to promote learning and teamwork. Improved teamwork has been proven to translate into improved patient care. SimSeize installs into a standard hospital bed and is compatible with any manikin placed on the bed. The pendant is placed in the control room for remote operation which allows the instructor better control over the training scenario. SimSeize shakes the manikin in a convincingly lifelike manner and allows hospital personnel to intervene with the “patient” and to perfect their seizure-response skills.


CLR is the exclusive distributor of SimAction™

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 13 x 12.5 in