At the forefront of new medical simulators, EigenFlow addresses the need for high quality ECMO simulation.  Training nurses and respiratory therapists can be very challenging.  ECMO Specialists must be attentive to even the slightest changes in the oxygenator circuit, be able to quickly evaluate problems, and take corrective actions.

Until now, an ECMO educator was present in the sim environment, manipulating the circuit in the presence of the trainee. As institutions began to develop their own ECMO simulations many realized that higher-fidelity simulation would not be possible without the development of a remote controlled simulator connected to the ECMO circuit.

ECMO Simulation


EigenFlow 2 Advanced is a multifunction wireless ECMO simulator ideal for in situ training of perfusionists and ECMO specialists. Simply interpose the EigenFlow into your existing adult or pediatric ECMO circuit and remotely simulate thrombi, line obstruction, air emboli, hypovolemia, and changes in pulmonary and cardiac function. With the newly featured Advanced model EigenFlow now features 12 built in scenarios and a variety of new blood parameters.

At the heart of EigenFlow is an intuitive iOS interface available for free from the App Store. Rather than tethering control of the EigenFlow to desktop computers, we developed an intuitive iPhone/iPad app that wirelessly controls the EigenFlow. With one hand, controlling EigenFlow it allows control of manikin vitals with the other. EigenFlow connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, so you can control simulations from up to 100 feet.



Generate variable flows and pressures with two variable controlled valves for inlet or outlet obstruction, thrombi, kinking, pump chatter, catheter malposition, and variable pre and post oxygenator pressures.

ecmo simulator

Air Embolus

Inject small (5cc), medium (25cc), or large (50cc) emboli of free air into an ECMO circuit.  Train students when to spot and eliminate an embolus before it becomes fatal.


ecmo simulation


Drain up to 1 liter of fluid into EigenFlow’s internal reservoir then refill the circuit back up when you are done.



Blood Monitoring

Display simulated vital blood parameters PaO2, SvO2, Hb, Hct, arterial and venous temperatures, and activated clotting time directly to the ECMO operator.

*To connect the EigenFlow to your ECMO circuit simple modifications to your existing ECMO circuit are required.  



We’ve partnered with 3-Dmed® to take ECMO training to the next level. The 3-Dmed® ECMO cannulation kit provides a realistic experience when training for an ECMO procedure. Surgeons now have an active part in the simulation. The ECMO neck pad allows for a surgical incision, cannulation of vessels and connection to the ECMO circuit for artificial blood transference through the machine

ECMO Cannulation

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