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Frequently asked questions

1What is ECMO Simulation?

ECMO Simulation is a new modality in ECMO mechanical failure response training. Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) mandates quarterly water drill for training ECMO Specialists on how to respond to these emergencies. Current training incorporates clamping and shunting to create mechanical emergencies for an ECMO trainee to respond to.

Today's water drill training lacks a suspension of disbelief. Currently, educators implements mechanical failures in plain sight of the specialist in training. Hi-fidelity ECMO simulation enhances water drill training with an immersive experience that is hands off and remote controlled.

2What makes EigenFlow an ECMO Simulator?

EigenFlow is a compact remote controlled simulator that can create on-demand scenarios like thrombosis, pump chatter, cannula malposition, oxygenator failure, air entrainment, hypovolemia, and high post oxygenator pressure. EigenFLow addresses these issues by creating a hand-off approached allowing for the ECMO educator to asses critical aspects of ECMO mechanical emergency training such as response time, critical thinking, and accuracy.

3What makes EigenFlow different than other perfusion simulators?

EigenFlow can connect to any point along the ECMO circuit, allowing the instructor to hide the unit behind a bed or underneath the ECMO cart. This creates a more hidden profile, that is inconspicuous to the user.

EigenFlow's modular design gives it the ability isolate and control multiple pressure transducers. On some pediatric circuits where more than 2 pressure transducers are monitored, EigenFlow can be connected to control any transducer in those circuits.

Finally, EigenFlow's wireless iOS interface was designed to be simple and easy to use. Whether EigenFlow is controlled by a simulation technician or ECMO instructor, EigenFlow can be setup and learned in under 30 minutes.

1How does the EigenFlow connect to your ECMO Circuit?

EigenFlow interposes into any ECMO circuit. We recommend connecting it after the the pre and post pressure transducers adjacent to the oxygenator. This position will allow for an optimal pressure change when performing a shunt or obstruction on the venous / arterial sides of the circuit. The air entrainment and hypovolemia modules can connect to any lure lock piggy back port on your circuit.

2EigenFlow works on Apple iOS devices. Any plans to release it for Android, PC, or Mac?

No, at this time we don’t have any plans on developing EigenFlow for Android, PC, or Mac.

3How many different scenarios can EigenFlow run?

We believe EigenFlow can run up to 11 different scenarios: thrombosis, pump chatter, cannula malposition, oxygenator failure, air entrainment, hypovolemia, hypertension, high post oxygenator pressure. going on ECMO, coming off ECMO, and cardiac tamponade

4Does EigenFlow work on cardiac bypass, LVAD/HVADs, or Hi-Flow Dialysis?

Yes, we believe so. EigenFlow was primarily designed to work with ECMO support. If you would like to see how EigenFlow could work on your life support system. Send us a message below.

1What is the turn around time for an EigenFlow once we place an order?

EigenFlow is build to order. Once an order is placed, the turn around time for an EigenFlow is 4 - 6 weeks.

2When will you ship to other countries?

Send us a message to be the first to know when we expand our range for shipping and product support.

3What shipping options do you offer?

Domestic orders are shipped via FedEx.

4Do you offer shipping insurance?

All orders ship with insurance. For more information, see our shipping policy.

5What are the dimensions and shipping weights of the EigenFlow Package?

EigenFlow is shipped in a 12"x20"x25" Pelican Case and weights approximately 47.5 lbs.

6Could you deliver EigenFlow during our setup and training session?
Yes, let us know if you would like EigenFlow hand delivered when scheduling your on site setup and training session.

1Where can I see EigenFlow in action?

If you would like to host an onsite demonstration at your facility or see a video demonstration of EigenFlow online send us a request below.

2Do you offer trial evaluations for any of your products?

1What support is included with EigenFlow?

EigenFlow comes with a limited 1-year warranty. CLR offers freely-available manuals and email and phonel support. To access these resources, see the footer of this page or send us a message below.

2What service is offered at the end of the warranty period?

Our Support team is always standing by to assist and we will do everything in our power to ensure your EigenFlow is working. If our support team determines a repair is needed outside of warranty, the repair arrangements and costs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

3What if my EigenFlow arrives damaged or I experience issues with it?

Please send us a message as soon as possible with details about the problem. You can also submit photos of any visual damage to info@curtisliferesearch.com


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