EigenFlow 2

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A realistic, full functioning, wireless ECMO simulator, EigenFlow offers in situ functionality to train ECMO specialists to recognize thrombosis, obstruction, embolism, and changes to lung and cardiac function.

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EigenFlow is the only ECMO simulator on the market today that can reproduce air embolism, obstruction, thrombosis, and changes to lung and cardiac function on existing pediatric and adult ECMO circuits.  This package is for those that already own an iPhone or iPad and can download the free EigenFlow app off the Apple App Store.

  • EigenFlow ECMO Simulator
  • Apple iPhone 8 / SE
  • 10″ LCD monitor
  • 6′ HDMI Cable
  • 16 pediatric/adult circuit acetal connectors
  • zip ties
  • Rolling Pelican Case
  • EigenFlow Manual

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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 12 in
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Product Enquiry