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EigenFlow 2 Plus

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A realistic, full functioning, wireless ECMO simulator, EigenFlow offers in situ functionality to train ECMO specialists to recognize thrombosis, obstruction, embolism, and changes to lung and cardiac function.  This edition comes with an iPod Touch preloaded with the EigenFlow app.

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EigenFlow is the only ECMO simulator on the market today that can reproduce air embolism, obstruction, thrombosis, and changes to lung and cardiac function on existing pediatric and adult ECMO circuits.  The plus package contains everything you’ll need to run your own in situ ECMO Simulation:

  • EigenFlow ECMO Simulator
  • iPod Touch preloaded with the EigenFlow app
  • 10″ LCD monitor
  • 6′ HDMI Cable
  • 3-Dmed® ECMO Cannulation Kit
  • 15 pediatric/adult circuit acetal connectors
  • 4 acetal couplers
  • zip ties
  • Rolling Pelican Case
  • EigenFlow Manual

*Please allow 4 – 6  weeks to receive your order once it’s placed.


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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 12 in
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