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3-Dmed® ECMO Pediatric Cannulation Kit


The ECMO cannulation kit takes your training to a new level. Using the 3-Dmed® ECMO neck pad provides a realistic experience when training for the ECMO procedure.  The surgeon has an active part in the simulation experience. The ECMO neck pad allows for a surgical incision, cannulation of vessels and connection to the ECMO machine for artificial blood transference through the machine.  Use in conjunction with the EigenFlow for a comprehensive simulation experience.

3-Dmed® developed the ECMO neck pad in collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

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The ECMO pediatric cannulation kit neck pad created by 3-Dmed® mounts to your patient with a ‘hook and loop’ strap. An incision can be made in the pad to expose the vein and artery. The vessels are connected to tubes and a bladder you fill with fluid that is mounted under the patient platform. The platform is made of a durable plastic and provides easy clean up.

Kit Includes:

  • Infant neck pad (pink) with incorporated vessels – 52mm x 75mm, (2″ x 3″) with a skin 8mm thick; vessels – 2mm and 4mm
  • Patient mannequin mounting platform – 32″ x 18″ x 1.75″, 3 lbs. (82cm x 46cm x 4.5cm, 1.5 kg.)
  • Bladder and tubes for fluid containment (artificial blood)
  • Remote syringe for a creating simulated pulse

Toddler size pad available upon request – 52mm x 102mm, (2″ x 4″) with a skin 8mm thick; vessels – 3mm and 5mm

Vessel sizes are the same in both Infant Neck Pad and Toddler Neck Pad.
Suggested cannula sizes are 10 Fr and 14 Fr.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 3 in
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