3-Dmed® ECMO Pediatric Cannulation Kit

The ECMO cannulation kit takes your training to a new level. Using the 3-Dmed® ECMO neck pad provides a realistic experience when training for the ECMO procedure.  The surgeon has an active part in the simulation experience. The ECMO neck pad allows for a surgical incision, cannulation of vessels and connection to the ECMO machine for artificial blood transference through the machine.  Use in conjunction with the EigenFlow for a comprehensive simulation experience. 3-Dmed® developed the ECMO neck pad in collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.


3-Dmed® ECMO Pediatric Cannulation Neck Pads

These are replacement neck pads for the ECMO Cannulation Kit. This realistic neck pad mounts to your patient with a ‘hook and loop’ strap. An incision can be made in the pad to expose the vein and artery. The vessels are connected to tubes and a bladder you fill with fluid that is mounted under the patient platform. (3 Pack of neck pads)